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Circle Lord Gingko Template

The Gingko template has about 100  patterns available. It comes with a booklet showing these patterns and gives instructions on how to make the patterns.

Gingko Pattern sizes: 5" to 11" 
Mini Ginkgo Pattern sizes: 4" to 8"

Below are pictures of quilts made with the Gingko.

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Sample of patterns from Gingko booklet
From Barbara Long, Hawaii
"My oldest daughter (32 years young), Summer, decided she wanted to "build" a baby quilt and has been working on it for the past two days.
This is the first time she has been on my machine. She always has been one to think outside the box and she decided that she wanted to try trapunto AND McTavishing - Arrghhh, I certainly had my doubts (since I have done neither on a quilt), but doubt no more.
She used batik fabric with tie-dye circles and the Circle Lord Ginko and CL Circle Maker to do the trapunto.

She used QD Puff for the Trapunto and actually decided that she was going to cut out the small circles of batting, pin them to the tie-dye circles, load the top (no backing) and use the CL circle maker to secure the QD Puff. I had my doubts on this technique. But it worked.
Then she removed the top from the machine; put on the backing (a SHEET from Target - cotton/bamboo - very soft and drapey). Loaded 2 layers of Mountain Mist White Rose Cotton and then put the top back on. And started quilting away.

She started early this afternoon and finished early evening!!!

Barb Cowan of Australia sent me pictures of her latest Circle Lord work.
She calls it"Ann’s Folded Flowers" a Japanese design. It is about
60 inches by 60 inches.

There was absolutely no marking, certainly minimal measuring, no mathematics and only one stop and start for each medallion. The Circle Lord makes it so easy and quick to create this effect.
Once I worked out the whole quilting design for the quilt the actual quilting was soooo easy and quick. All I did was measure the length of the pattern section on the Gingko template to decide which would fit best between the flowers.
When I finished all the medallions, I grabbed an ordinary Perspex circle template and used it to create the arcs around the folded flowers. This gives the illusion of circles.
Barb C
So, you don't have to use the Circle Lord for everything - just the hard parts.


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